Brew Hat Guide: Stylish Sustainability

Have you heard of the brew hat? This unique knit hat from Story mfg. is a refreshing hybrid take on the bold bucket hat mixed with the ever-popular beanie.

Story mfg. is a sustainable fashion brand based in the United Kingdom and has recently launched a new knit hat called the Brew Hat. The hat is made from natural, sustainable materials and is designed to keep you warm and stylish during colder months.

The Brew Hat

In this article, we will explore the unique features of this hat, the sustainable practices of Story mfg, and how to style this one-of-a-kind knit hat.

About Story mfg.

Story mfg. is a sustainable fashion brand founded in 2013 by Katy Katazome and Saeed Al-Rubeyi. The brand is committed to creating environmentally friendly clothing by using natural, organic, and biodegradable materials such as cotton, linen, and hemp.

They also use traditional textile techniques such as hand-dyeing and hand-embroidery to create unique and colorful designs. Story mfg. is dedicated to transparency and ethics in their production process and works closely with artisans and communities to ensure fair labor practices.

The brand’s mission is to create clothing that not only looks good but also has a positive impact on the planet and the people who make it.

A couple wearing brew hats

The Brew Hat

Story mfg’s Brew Hat is a unique and handmade accessory that is designed for those who want to add a touch of whimsy to their wardrobe. It is an eye-catching and eco-friendly accessory that adds a playful touch to any outfit.


The hat is hand-crocheted using 100% organic cotton yarn and features all-natural dyes for a sustainable and environmentally friendly finish.


According to the product description, the hat is meant to be more than just a fashion statement; it is designed for “peering into other dimensions”. The brand leaves deciphering this statement up to the customer, but we think it’s easy enough to figure out.


Despite its otherworldly appeal and statement piece style, this hat is versatile enough to be worn for everyday activities, such as going to the shops. The hat is also adjustable, allowing it to be gently eased by hand to fit the size and shape of the wearer’s head.

Color-coordinated brew hat

How to Style the Brew Hat

  1. Keep it simple: The Brew Hat is a statement piece on its own, so you don’t want to overpower it with a lot of other accessories or busy clothing. Opt for simple and understated clothing pieces that complement the hat, such as a plain white t-shirt or a denim jacket.
  2. Mix and match textures: Since the Brew Hat is made of crocheted cotton, it’s a great opportunity to mix and match different textures in your outfit. Try pairing it with a suede jacket or leather boots to add a bit of contrast to your look.
  3. Accessorize with earthy tones: The natural dyes used to color the Brew Hat give it an earthy, bohemian feel. Accessorize your outfit with similarly toned jewelry or scarves to create a cohesive look.
  4. Play up the whimsy: The Brew Hat is a playful accessory, so don’t be afraid to lean into that aspect of its design. Pair it with brightly colored clothing or funky patterns to create a fun and eclectic outfit.
  5. Consider the occasion: While the Brew Hat is versatile, it might not be appropriate for every occasion. Consider where you’ll be wearing it and dress accordingly. It’s perfect for a day out with friends or a festival, but might not be the best choice for a formal event.

Sustainability in Fashion

The Brew Hat from Story mfg. contributes to sustainability in fashion in several ways. First, the hat is made from 100% organic cotton yarn, which is a natural and renewable resource. This means that the production of the hat has a lower environmental impact compared to hats made from synthetic materials. Additionally, Story mfg. uses all-natural dyes to color the hat, which avoids the use of harmful chemicals and reduces the impact on the environment.

The fact that the hat is handmade also supports sustainability. The hat is not mass-produced in a factory, which reduces the carbon footprint associated with transportation and manufacturing. Instead, it is made by artisans who work closely with Story mfg. to ensure fair labor practices and ethical production.

Furthermore, Story mfg’s focus on traditional textile techniques such as hand-crocheting and hand-dyeing helps to preserve these skills and support local communities. By valuing the time and effort that goes into creating a handmade product, Story mfg. encourages consumers to view clothing as something to be cherished and cared for, rather than disposable and easily replaceable.

Overall, the Brew Hat from Story mfg. demonstrates the brand’s commitment to sustainability and ethical production in fashion. By using natural materials and traditional techniques, the hat is a more eco-friendly and conscious choice for consumers who want to support sustainable fashion.

Brew Hat Verdict

The Brew Hat by Story mfg. is a unique and sustainable addition to any wardrobe. Made from natural materials and designed with functionality and style in mind, this knit hat is a perfect example of sustainable fashion done right.

By choosing sustainable clothing options like this hat by Story mfg, we can make a positive impact on the environment and support ethical and transparent supply chains in the fashion industry.

Brew Hat FAQs

1. What is the Brew Hat made of?

The Brew Hat is made from natural, sustainable materials such as wool, alpaca, and linen. These materials are carefully selected for their unique properties and contribution to the hat’s design and functionality.

2. Is the Brew Hat adjustable?

The Brew Hat features a single size, but can be stretched or molded by hand to get a desired fit. There are no drawstrings, velcro, or snaps.

3. Can the Brew Hat be worn in different styles?

Yes, this hat can be worn in different styles to suit your personal fashion preferences. It can be worn slouchy or fitted, and can be paired with a variety of outfits.

4. What is sustainable fashion?

Sustainable fashion is a movement towards creating clothing that is environmentally and socially responsible. This includes using natural, renewable materials, reducing waste and pollution, and ensuring fair labor practices throughout the supply chain.

5. Where can I purchase the Brew Hat?

The brew hat is available for purchase on the Story mfg. website, as well as select retailers that carry sustainable fashion brands.

5. Where can I learn more about Story mfg’s founders?

We recommend checking out the reddit AMAs they did in the early stages of the company. Here are the links: